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Individual Term Life Plan

Individual Term Life Plan

For People Residing Outside of their Home Country

A level term life insurance policy is often the most cost-effective way to insure a life as the amount you pay (premium) remains the same over the whole term of the policy. As a specialist insurance broker, we are able to offer term life quotes from Lloyds of London.

We can offer term life insurance to expatriates in most countries around the world. We ask that you complete your personal details and cover required on our enquiry form so that we can properly assess your requirements and provide you with a suitable quotation.

Indicative Cost of cover

For a 35 year old, we can offer the following indicative rates on £100,000 of life cover over a 10 year term;

Male Non-Smoker: £15.00 per month

Male Smoker: £15.32 per month

Female Non-Smoker: £15.00 per month

Female Smoker: £15.00 per month

Indicative premiums assume standard rates and may be subject to loadings for ill health, hazardous pursuits, occupation, nationality and country of residence.

Level term life plans typically offer:

  • Fully medically underwritten – meaning that your health and lifestyle must be assessed before a quote can be confirmed
  • 5 and 10 year terms of cover are available for most nationalities
  • For terms of cover over 10 years applicants must be British passport holders who own a UK property
  • Higher premiums may apply depending on occupation, travel requirements, medical conditions
  • Premiums remain the same throughout the duration of the policy
  • Premiums are normally paid annually in full, monthly instalments may be offered if you can pay via a U.K. bank account (by direct debit)

To apply for a term life quote, please click on the Get a Quote button below.

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