Individual Term Life Insurance

We have gathered together a selection of frequently asked questions from our clients to assist you in deciding which of the offered plans are suitable for your requirements.

If you have any other question that is not covered by these FAQ’s, please feel free to telephone us on: +44 (0)1242 533749 or email: Expat@towergate.co.uk.

You have a choice of paying annually or monthly. Monthly instalments would need to be paid via a U.K. direct debit for a term life plan.

The plans are quoted in pounds sterling, euros, U.S. dollars for annually paid policies. For annually renewable plans, UAE dirhams can also be quoted.

Yes - a loading is applied for smokers for term life plans. Annually renewable plan rates are the same for smokers and non smokers.

Annually renewable life insurance plans

No - You can obtain a quick quote for Annually renewable life plans online, but need to submit an application form before cover can be arranged. Please click here to get your quick quote online.

Term life insurance plans

No – Term life plans require the completion of a proposal form and medical questionnaire, which needs to be submitted to Insurers for their consideration. In addition, due to the nature of term life insurance original documentation will be required to allow the issue of the policy.

For term life applicants, on terms of more than 10 years the term must expire before your  70th birthday.  For those aged over 50 years, maximum term that can be offered is 10 years on a level term basis for UK Nationals.

For a term life plan – £5million and equivalent in other currencies. For an annually renewable plan, cover must not exceed twenty times your current salary up to a maximum benefit is £900,000.

For British passport holders who own a U.K. property, we can quote for terms of up to 25 years. We can also offer 10 year term cover to EU nationals in some cases – please ask us for further details.



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