Activities Covered

The list below shows the activities covered under each level of cover providing that you act in a reasonable way and use all recommended safety equipment and protective clothing that is necessary.  Where a, b or c are shown next to an activity, please refer to the notes at the bottom of the table.

If you choose Premier cover you will also be covered for activities listed under Standard cover. If your chosen activity is not shown, please contact JBI on +44 (0) 1242 533750.

Standard Premier
Abseiling (max 100m) (a,c) Abseiling (over 100m) (a,c)
Archery (a,b) Aerial Safari (a)
Black Water Rafting (Grades 1-3) (a) American Football (c)
Bungee Jumping (max 2 jumps) (a,c) Ballooning (a)
Camel/Elephant riding/trekking (b) Black Water Rafting (Grades 4-5) (a)
Canoeing/kayaking (inland/coastal, no White Water (a) Bouldering
Cycling Bungee Jumping (3 + jumps) (a,c)
Deep Sea Fishing (a) Canoeing White Water (Grade 1-3) (a)
Fell Running/Walking (without ropes, picks or guides) Fencing (a,b)
Golf Football (including 5 a side)
Gymnastics (a) Go-Karting (a,b)
Hiking/Trekking without ropes, picks or guides up to 1500m Hiking/Trekking without ropes, picks or guides up to 4500m (a)
Horse Riding (Hacking only – incidental to trip, no jumping) Hockey
Hot-Air Ballooning (a,b) Horse Riding/Trekking (main purpose of trip)
Ice Skating (in-door only) Hunting on foot (a,b,c)
Jet Boating (inland/coastal waters, no White Water) (a,b) Ice Hockey
Jet Skiing (inland/coastal waters, no White Water) (a,b) Jet Boating White Water (Grades 1-2) (a,b)
Martial Arts (non-contact) Judo
Motor Biking (full UK licence, up to 125cc and helmet to be worn) (b,c) Kayaking White Water (Grades 1-3) (a)
Orienteering (a) Kite Surfing (c)
Paint balling (a,b) Motor Biking (full UK licence, over 125cc and helmet to be worn. Excludes motorbike touring or where a motorbike is the main mode of transport) (b,c)
Parasailing (a) Mountain Biking (off-road) (b,c)
Parascending (over water only) (a) Parachuting (1 Jump only) (a,b,c)
Rowing/Sculling (inland/coastal waters, no White Water) Quad Biking (a,b,c)
Rifle range shooting (a,b) Rock Climbing (a,c)
Safari Tours (a) Rugby (c)
Sailing (coastal waters only) (a,b) Sailing outside coastal waters (Europe ONLY) (a,b)
Scuba Diving (30m) (a) Scrambling
Snorkelling Scuba Diving to 50 metres (a)
Speed Boating (inland/coastal waters ONLY, no White Water) (a,b) Sea Canoeing (coastal waters only)
Squash Skiing (conventional)
Surfing (incidental to trip) *Ski Racing (Europe ONLY)
Swimming Snowboarding (conventional)
Tennis *Snowboard Racing (Europe ONLY)
Water Skiing (no jumps) (a,b) Surfing (main purpose of trip)
White Water Rafting (grades 1-3) (a,c) White Water Rafting (Grades 4-5) (a,c)
Wind Surfing (b) Wind Surfing (main purpose of holiday) (b)
Yachting (coastal waters only) (a,b) Yachting outside coastal waters (Europe only) (a,b)

The following specific conditions and exclusions apply where highlighted in the sport and activities list above:
(a) Provided you are supervised by a qualified instructor or have subscribed to an accredited organisation for the activity.
(b) Personal Liability cover is excluded.
(c) Personal Accident cover is excluded.
*Other than Ski/Snowboard Racing in military only events in Europe, you are not covered when participating in professional or organised sports, racing, speed or endurance tests.

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