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Towergate’s Military Kit policies are underwritten by a consortium of leading insurance companies. Each policy is an annual contract that can cover loss or damage to Military kit and personal possessions. You can also insure your home buildings on our Right Dress Advantage policy.

Choosing your Sums Insured

You must set your sums insured carefully. Sums insured and limits must be adequate for your personal requirements. When assessing the amount of cover required, it is important to consider the replacement value, rather than the current market value, for items as the policy cover is new for old. For example, a 5 year old ipod may be worth £40 now (market value) but to replace it with a new ipod may cost £100 (replacement value).

No two people are identical as we all have different possessions, so the onus rests upon you to ensure your sums insured are adequate.

Personal Possessions

These are items you own that could be taken out of your residence either daily or occasionally. Personal possessions include items such as clothes you wear, jewellery and portable electronic items (ipod, mobile phone, camera).

For single personnel living in the block, all of your items are normally treated as personal possessions.

For married or co-habiting personnel living in married quarters or your own accommodation, the amount of personal possessions cover you select should be the maximum value of items you take out of your home. We would suggest that you consider what you take on holiday as this is likely to be most items you ever take out of the home in a single occasion.

Valuable Items

For valuables worth over £1,000 you should hold an up-to-date valuation (obtained within the last 2 years). This should be from a reputable retailer on headed paper.

For all valuable items over £1,000, we would recommend that you take at least 2 photos of them and keep the photo stored somewhere safe (either printed or in electronic format).

Valuables are defined as jewellery, articles of gold, silver or other precious metals, laptops, watches, furs, cameras (which includes camcorders) and binoculars, pictures and other works of art, collections of stamps, coins and medals.

Licence to occupy insurance

All of our kit insurance policies include £20,000 licence to occupy insurance under the Tenants Liability section of the policy. This ensures that you are abiding by JSP 464 covering your potential liability incurred as a result of damage to your SFA caused by you or your family.

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