What is Covered

Veterinary Fees
(per Policy year)
£4,000 £4,000 £75 or 20% of the total costs claimed, whichever is the greater being paid per policy year per condition.
Cremation £100 £100 No excess
Behavioural Problems £200 £400 No excess
Accidental Damage £500 £750 £100 per incident
Emergency Boarding Kennels
and Cattery Fees
£750 £1,000 No excess
Daily Minding £500 £750 No excess
Holiday Cancellation £1,000 £3,000 No excess
Advertising & Reward £500 £1,000 No excess
Early Death £500 £1,000 No excess
Theft or Straying
- Cats
- Dogs

No excess

Third Party Liability £2,000,000 £2,000,000 £250 per incident
(property damage only)

All the cover definitions can be found in the policy wording and summary of cover.

The main difference between Premium and Exclusive cover

If your pet falls ill with an ongoing condition (such as a heart condition, epilepsy or diabetes), the two levels of cover offer the following cover;

Premium cover will pay for treatment for the condition for 12 months from the date of diagnosis or up to the limit of £4,000 per policy year for vets fees, whichever comes first. This is subject to the policy being renewed if the treatment is continuing after a policy renewal date (within the 12 month time limit).

Exclusive cover will pay for treatment for the condition, up to the limit of £4,000 per each policy year.

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