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Military Wedding Insurance
Important Information

Important Information

Wedding Insurance is provided by Event Insurance Services Ltd and underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc. It is a contract that provides cover for the event against the specified list of contingencies found in the Policy Summary (please see the Policy Documents page).

As well as using the FAQ section to help familiarise you with Wedding Insurance, we have compiled the following important information for your perusal.


For full terms of the cancellation reimbursement please see the policy wording but do note that the policy will not pay more than the sums insured shown in Section 1 of the schedule in respect of claims arising under both part 1 & part 2 of section 1.

Main exclusions

For full terms and conditions a specimen policy wording is available within the Policy Documents page in the right hand menu.

  • Weddings taking place outside of the UK
  • The disinclination to contract to marriage by either the bride or the groom
  • Any dangerous activities including: fireworks; inflatable play equipment; fairground rides; ballooning and circus acts
  • Pre-existing medical conditions or any ongoing medical condition
  • Unemployment, other than through redundancy
  • Contracts which are not in writing
  • Circumstances of which you are aware at the time of effecting this insurance

Policy excess

The policy excess is only applicable to the Public Liability Section, Equipment Section and Ceremonial Sword Section. There is no policy excess applicable to other sections.

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